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Dental Implant

Dental Implant

A new artificial tooth (crown)can be attached to an implant, this can be a great way of replacing a missing tooth or teeth, because other tooth are not involved or comprised.

An implant is a small screw that replace the tooth root to support tooth replacement, consist of titanium, a metal that the body easily accepts and are inserted into the jawbones.

One or more implants can be used depending on the size of the space. After a time of bony integration, usually a few months an artificial tooth is attached to the implant.

Implant provides a stable foundation for crowns (replacing a single missing tooth), bridges (several missing teeth) or dentures (all teeth are missing).

Dental implants are the closest possible replacement to natural teeth, provides a stable foundation for eating and smiling with confidence and removes the need to compromise healthy teeth for a bridge, can eliminate the pain caused by ill fitting dentures, helps to preserve jawbone and maintain the shape of the face.

Have a long term success rate of over 95% shown in clinical studies.

Implant treatment sequence

E.g. Replacing a single missing tooth:

Treatment planning

  • Before treatment starts your individual medical health and oral situation is examined thoroughly.
  • By using x-rays and models of the mouth, the doctor selects the most suitable treatment.

Implant placement

  • The implant is inserted into the jawbone.
  • The procedure is normally performed under local anesthetic.
  • Once the implant is placed, it is left to heal, in most cases the jawbone forms a strong bond with the implant in just 6 weeks.

Crown placement

  • When the entire healing period is complete, the implant provides a solid foundation for attaching the definitive crown/bridge/denture.
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