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Ven eers

A veneer is a layer of resin or porcelain or ceramic (white facing) attached to the front of your teeth to fix their appearance. Veneers help improve not only the colour, but also the shape of your teeth. You may consider veneers if you have discoloured, cracked, chipped, or overlapping front teeth and are looking to improve your smile.

Treatment can take up to two appointments, but is non-invasive and relatively quick.

Please call us to book a consultation so our dentist can decide whether or not veneers will be suitable for you. If yes, we will send a model of your teeth to a laboratory master technician to design the ideal shape for your veneers before the treatment. This can be used as a template for your temporary or final veneers.

To prepare for veneers, our dentist may need to remove a portion of enamel from the outer surface of your teeth to allow room for the veneers without them appearing too bulky if its Ceramic veneers you have chosen. Alternatively our dentist can bond the resin veneer onto your tooth and shape it to the ideal desired shape.

A thin layer of resin will be used to attach the porcelain/ceramic veneers to the front of your teeth. Once the resin is set, by shining a blue light onto each veneer, our dentist will remove the excess resin and polish each veneer. Your veneers will be strong and should not stain or chip with proper dental care, both at home and during regular check-ups at Family Dentist Pakuranga.

Your veneers will have the potential to last a very long time if taken care of properly.


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